Professional Floral Arrangements or DIY Floral Arrangements?

8 Reasons To Leave Floral Arrangements To The Professionals

1. Professional Photos, Amateur Results

When it comes down to it, everything looks better on Pinterest. We have all seen the difference between a Pinterest photo and our own attempt. Most of these Pinterest photos are done by professionals and unless you have a lot of experience can be difficult to replicate.

2. Same Look, Same Price, Professional Quality

Do your homework before spending hundreds of dollars on craft supplies, vases, and artificial flowers. Take the photo of what floral arrangements you would like to replicate to a professional and let them give you a quote. You may be surprised to find out a professional can create the same look for the same price as the supplies.

3. Fresh or Artificial

While photos of wedding bouquets look fantastic on Pinterest, make sure you double click on the photo. This usually gives you source information for the item. Much of the time, these “fresh” flowers will be artificial. A professional florist will know when to use fresh flowers versus artificial.

4. Sourcing

Know where you are buying from. If you’re using Pinterest, the photos could be of artificial flowers sourced from China. If using overseas sources, be prepared to wait up to three months for delivery.. This could be difficult if you’re on a deadline.

5. Stress

Do you really need more stress on your wedding day? Remember you are the bride or groom and you don’t need to take on any responsibilities you don’t have to.

6. Setup and Teardown

So you made your own floral arrangements. Who is going to get to the venue early and stay late to setup and teardown? This is the last thing you want to do on your special day. Also, if a family member ends up doing it, they’re no longer a guest, but a laborer.

7. Shopping Around

You can still shop around while pricing out your perfect wedding. Arm yourself with photos of what floral arrangements you want and go to at least three different vendors. See for yourself who will provide the best value.

8. Buying Power

Designers and Event Vendors generally have more buying power when it comes to purchasing. This can reduce your floral arrangement price more than doing it yourself by the vendor buying wholesale and getting larger discounts than the general public.

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