Choosing A Material For Your Stage Set

Stage Sets and Design

Well-made stage sets can be the difference between a boring stage or a presenter surrounded by color and media that show off the ideals of the organization hosting the event. With so many organizations hosting events, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. A custom stage set made of varying materials can help your organization stand out among the crowd.

Materials for Stage Sets


Foam is a wonderful material that is extremely lightweight. Using foam for stage design allows for elaborate and large designs to be made with minimal weight. Foam can be used to replicate almost any other material, making it one of the most versatile substrates for creating a stage set.


Plexiglass, whether clear or frosted, can provide a lot of color and depth using stage lights or up-lighting. The transparent or translucent effect of plexiglass adds a lot of depth to an otherwise 2-dimensional stage set.


PVC is a fantastic material for stage sets due to its flexibility and it’s ease of use. Using PVC to add natural curves provides a level of smoothness to any stage set and can be covered in a variety of materials such as spandex.


Spandex is the best fabric for stage sets to create clean flowing lines and brilliant colors. Combining the brilliance and durability of the fabric with PVC framing and illuminating it with stage lighting will give a sleek, modern, and bright look to your organization’s stage design.


Metal is timeless, hearkening to humanity’s control over their environment and industrialization. Using metal as a stage set material adds a brightness unmatched by most other materials. Along with it’s durability, this allows metal stage sets to be used time and time again for events that don’t change from year to year.


Truss is a classic and ubiquitous when it comes to stages. However, truss isn’t always the best bet for a polished appearance. While it is heavy-duty and almost every event planning or audio-visual company has truss, it evokes a raw feeling. Great for bands and performers, it might not be the best choice for a professional and elegant corporate event.

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