5 Reasons Why Freelance Event Planners Should Use A Production Company

As an event planner you are constantly working with multiple vendors for audio-visual, theme decor, props, florals, and entertainment. Why spread yourself so thin, when you can find a full-service production company to stand behind you offering support and the tools to help you succeed?

Here are 5 reasons a freelance event planner should choose to work with a production company:

1. Increase Efficiency

Event planning is a strenuous job. Having a full-service production company behind you alleviates many of the pains of sourcing props, theme decor, florals, audio visual equipment, etc by having all of these accessible and affordable. You don’t need to drive around and make hundreds of phone calls to source all of the materials you need to create an event from 10 different vendors when you can choose the simplicity of working with one company.

2. Everything Under One Roof

By having all of the resources and supplies available to you in one location, your event planning will go much smoother and with less haggling and bargaining with multiple vendors. From props to entertainment, a good full-service production company will be able to accommodate any request with professionalism and resourcefulness.

3. Decrease cost

By working with one production company, an event planner can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the company, getting equipment and supplies from only one company, decreasing transportation costs and decreasing the overall costs of vendors. This also saves time coordinating between multiple vendors when it’s the day of your event. Logistics can get messy when you have 6 different companies trying to access the venue at once and delays in time cost you, the event planner, money for labor.

4. Transform One Event Planner Into A Team Of Designers

By working with a full-service production company that has a team of designers, an event planning professional can harness the creativity and design prowess of a team, instead of having to rely solely on themselves. Having multiple designers working towards a common goal will always create an amazing event design that truly expresses the clients’ vision.

5. Production Companies make everything easier

By decreasing cost, increasing efficiency, adding more resources, creating more striking designs, and basically being an event planner’s Swiss Army Knife, a full-service production company can make your life as an event planner immensely easier.

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