In-House Audio/Visual Production vs. Third-Party Audio/Visual Production

Event planners are frequently told by the in-house audio-visual company at a venue that in-house AV is the only option for their audio-visual needs. They may also be told that a third-party production company is too costly or won’t be familiar with the venue. This is quite often false, but with our side-by-side comparison, you can choose the option that is correct for your event needs.

In house Audio-Visual Company

More Expensive

In-House AV companies are potentially more expensive due to the price they need to pay the hotel in order to work there. This additional overhead is passed along to the client as a service charge and can be 25-30%% of the cost of using the AV company.

Unnecessary Bargaining

In-house AV companies have control over the venue’s WiFi and will also tend to use WiFi as a bargaining chip, holding internet access hostage in order to compel an event planner to select them for their Audio-Visual needs. While this may have worked in the past, there are now solutions to circumvent a venue’s internet and not be reliant upon it.

Lack of Design Experience

In-House AV companies also don’t always have the design experience a production company should have, thereby leading to a cookie cutter AV design. Using a third-party production company allows the client to have a team of designers that bring value by visually expressing their organization’s concept or design.

Third-Party Production Company

Save Money and Add Value

A third-party production company is potentially less expensive with less overhead. This is because a third-party production company doesn’t need to pay the hotel fees in order to maintain an office there. The sole focus is creating a budget that brings value to the client, not creating an expansive budget to cover costs associated with being an in-house company.

Discover New Options

As I have already stated, the dependence upon venue WiFi is slowly becoming a thing of the past with new developments in event technology such as FestiFi. Using a solution such as them, one doesn’t need to be committed to in-house AV only for the WiFi.

Design Expertise

A third-party production company with a team of designers will also be more creative. Some companies, such as EPI, even ensure their technicians have backgrounds in design so they are able to customize your event to the maximum with an eye for aesthetics. You will never get the same show that another organization had.

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