Do I Need A Production Company For My Corporate Event?

Corporate event planning isn’t just fun. It’s work.

Between budgeting, organizing, sourcing, and everything that you didn’t see coming at the last minute, throwing a corporate event can be exhausting for both the employee in charge of the event and the company’s finances.

Many companies hold internal events and produce the event themselves. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea for small companies or companies on a shoestring budget, but as your company events grow, you may find the need to choose an outside vendor to make your event the most remarkable and engaging that it can be. A well-designed corporate meeting can convey any emotion or meaning that you desire if done correctly.

Whether your organization is holding an event for a new product launch, a grand opening, or as a reward for employees, the goal is to create an event that is one-of-a-kind, inspiring, and reflects your vision as a company. For this to become a reality, an organization should consider using outside assistance from a full-service corporate event production company.

Turn An Event Coordinator Into An Event Team

With one person in charge of corporate meetings and events in an organization, they have an immense amount on their plate. Oftentimes, this employee is overseeing events in addition to their original position. Partnering with a full-service corporate event management company can help alleviate a lot of the associated aches and pains of organizing your corporate events. Using a full-service company to coordinate your event effectively turns your organization’s one event coordinator into a Director of Events, with an entire team of designers and technicians at their call.

Tens (Or Hundreds) Years Of Experience

With a full-service corporate event production company, combined experience could bring you with a wealth of knowledge spanning over one hundred years. With experience this vast, there is nothing that your event management team hasn’t seen before. This reduces unexpected situations and ensures that you have a team that will be able to adapt to changing plans and develop solutions accordingly.

Increasing Cost Effectiveness

Cost should never be the full determining factor for your choice of a corporate event management company, or any other vendor, as value is what is most important. However, one of the realities of creating a magnificent corporate event is the expense. Using an independent event planner can yield fantastic results, but the reality is that an event planner may need to subcontract your event piecemeal to several different vendors. This increases cost as there are more companies involved in the process. Using one full-service event management company for all aspects of the event reduces transportation costs, labor costs, and other associated costs. A full-service production company will ensure that all aspects of even the most complicated events are being coordinated with maximum communication and efficiency, which decreases overall cost as well.

Communicating Efficiently

Communication, as mentioned above, is key. If your independent event planner is subcontracting aspects of the event to multiple companies, they run the risk of potentially causing a lack of communication between vendors who are not able to speak with each other easily, which will hinder logistics and planning. With a full-service corporate event management company, these problems are addressed by getting everything necessary, whether that be audio-visual equipment, special effects, decor items, props, or floral pieces through one company, therefore not running the risk of having vendors you’ve never met running your event.

In Conclusion…

If you want your organization’s corporate event to go off without a hitch, you should definitely consider looking into a full-service corporate event company that will become a partner for your events. Having a team with one hundred years of experience that can save you money and communicate effectively is a recipe for an amazing, awe-inspiring event.

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