Common Corporate Event Management Misconceptions

As a business development representative for a corporate event production company, I hear a lot of things from prospective clients.

I decided to take some time from my day to address some of the more common misconceptions about corporate event management that I have heard.

Corporate Event Management organizations want to take a job away from the corporate event planner

This is a quite common objection to using a corporate event manager that I hear on a weekly basis. No corporate event planner wants to take a job away from the client’s event planner. The purpose of using a corporate event production company is what the military refers to as a force multiplier. They turn one person, the client company’s event planner, into a well-connected, well-educated, and well-prepared event organizing master.

Corporate Event Management costs more than organizing the event internally

Utilizing a corporate event production company correctly shouldn’t create more cost, only more value. One of the many benefits to using a corporate event management company is that they have seen almost every situation and have had to react to those situations and develop solutions. This level of preparation ensures that your organization won’t run into unforeseen expenses due to errors as the date of the event approaches, making the price you were quoted originally the price that you pay.

Corporate Event Management is only needed for large or lavish events

Events are similar to an organization. There are several teams, supervisors, and a boss. It doesn’t matter how large or how small, the event needs to be supervised by an experienced eye that can see trouble before it becomes disaster. A small event going poorly is just as bad as a large event going poorly. When things go bad, the size isn’t considered… only the bad taste left in attendees mouths.

In Conclusion, if you want to avoid extra expense, hassle, and frustration while creating a remarkable and memorable event, find a corporate event production company that doesn’t just provide results, but provides value and and takes the time to understand your company or organization.

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