• Choosing A Material For Your Stage Set

    Well-made stage sets can be the difference between a boring stage or a presenter surrounded by color and media that show off the ideals of the organization hosting the event. With so many organizations hosting events, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. A custom stage set made of varying materials can help your […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Freelance Event Planners Should Use A Production Company

    As an event planner you are constantly working with multiple vendors for audio-visual, theme decor, props, florals, and entertainment. Why spread yourself so thin, when you can find a full-service production company to stand behind you offering support and the tools to help you succeed? Here are 5 reasons a freelance event planner should choose […]

  • In-House Audio/Visual Production vs. Third-Party Audio/Visual Production

    Event planners are frequently told by the in-house audio-visual company at a venue that in-house AV is the only option for their audio-visual needs. They may also be told that a third-party production company is too costly or won’t be familiar with the venue. This is quite often false, but with our side-by-side comparison, you […]

  • Common Corporate Event Management Misconceptions

    As a business development representative for a corporate event production company, I hear a lot of things from prospective clients. I decided to take some time from my day to address some of the more common misconceptions about corporate event management that I have heard. Corporate Event Management organizations want to take a job away […]

  • Do I Need A Production Company For My Corporate Event?

    Corporate event planning isn’t just fun. It’s work. Between budgeting, organizing, sourcing, and everything that you didn’t see coming at the last minute, throwing a corporate event can be exhausting for both the employee in charge of the event and the company’s finances. Many companies hold internal events and produce the event themselves. This isn’t […]